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The truth, as they say, is out there. Our goal is to simply find it and prove it, and our belief is that it waits, hidden away, somewhere in our past. We are dedicated to researching historical sites that are alleged to be haunted, hoping that our knowledge of history and the documented accounts of what happened at each individual site, will give us the insight needed to either prove or discount the claim.....and maybe prove that life still goes on, long after the body has faded to dust.

Sometimes the scariest places in the world are right in your own backyard. The abandoned buildings, historical sites, and battlefields which dot the landscape of our country hold some interesting stories if you just take the time to find them.

We are Infinity Paranormal Research and we invite you to come along with us as we explore the back roads of our great nation and take you to the small towns and villages; the places that are the heart, the life, and the story of America. Almost every small town has a secret too it seems; whether a murder, a disappearance, or simply a place of local historical significance that seems to have a lot of unusual paranormal activity associated with it. Those are the places waiting to be explored, investigated and documented, the stories waiting to be told, the evidence waiting to be gathered; that’s our mission, our passion, and our drive. To bring those places to you, to show you the evidence, and to share with you the stories found along the back roads of our country. Come join us and see what we can find.
John Healea, Dave Harkins, Bud Steed

Recent Investigations

The Crescent Hotel

We had the opportunity to head the overnight investigations of the Historic Crescent and Basin Park Hotels in Eureka Springs, Arkasas for the ESP19 weekends.
Hotrod Paranormal Radio Podcast
Haunted Ft, Smith and Van Buren, Bud Steed
Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks, Dave Harkins

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